Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cheap Entertainment Ticket Online

Cheap Entertainment Ticket Online

I was about to purchased a concert Ticket for Michael Jackson's concert in London. Me and my best, whom I haven't seen for almost 20 years, who is living in London will meet at the ocncert. But unfortunately, Michael Jackson died.

I was searching around the internet to find new concert to be held outside Canada this summer and I came across with this Greek Theatre Tickets. This ticket website is new to me and I find it very interesting website.

I send it to my bestfriend in London and she find it interesting too. She got interested in buying Dora the Explorer Tickets for her daughter who totally a fan of dora. I will try to look around and see where this show will be shown.

And since my hubby is a football fanatic, he is now interested in buying Penn State Nittany Lions Football Tickets. He is hoping to see this sometime this summer. Penn State Nittany Lions football has a tens of thousands of visitors to its campus. I am not sure though if we have the budget for this.

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