Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mavado and Kartel meet Jamaican government officials

Mavado and Kartel meet Jamaican government officials
So the fueding between Mavado and former Alliance member Vybz Kartel has seemingly ended with a show of unity at the West Kingston Jamboree. This is a long time coming as several community leaders and members of the general public have been calling for an end to the beef and the division it has caused. I for one am happy that it is done. Can you imagine going to an event and depending on the location or the DJ Mavado songs of Kartel songs are prohibited??? I like them both so this is good news for me personally. The duo met this morning with Prime Minister Bruce Golding, along with three Government Ministers – Daryl Vaz (Information Minister), Andrew Holness (Education Minister) and Dwight Nelson (National Security Minister) – and political ombudsman, Bishop Herro Blair.

They discussed a number of matters relating to the Gully/Gaza saga and Jamaica’s music industry, but most importantly, both artistes verbally agreed to stop performing and recording lyrics that insult each other. They also agreed that they would not ‘clash’ at this year’s Sting stage show. Both artistes will also collaborate in organizing a peace concert, graffiti paint out day, children’s Christmas treat, unity t-shirts and a song/recording. We'll keep you posted as this develops.

L-R: Bishop Herro Blair, Dwight Nelson, Andrew Holness, Daryl Vaz, Mavado, Vybz Kartel
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I know that this is a great move on the part of these two artists but I am wont to believe that finances also played a significant role. These guys are getting bad press, shows are being cancelled left and right, permits for events are denied or revoked. In short it is affecting their pockets. I think it was a definite lesson learned for both of them especially this weekend. Mavado was scheduled to have a grand birthday celebration in St. ann when out of the blue I'm hearing on Zip that it has been relocated to The Building in New Kingston. The same night at Usain Bolt Super Party, I am getting reports that Kartel was not allowed to perform. What is that coincidence? No sah. That is a strong-handed move from the government. I think they got the message. Hope it sticks.


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