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A Review: Pulse Caribbean's Full Fashion Reality Show Episode 3

A Review: Pulse Caribbean's Full Fashion Reality Show Episode 3
OK, by now anyone who follows or has a small interest in the goings on of the Caribbean fashion industry should know about Pulse Caribbean’s Full Figure Reality Show. This is a great accomplishment as personally they will be picking the quintessential Caribbean woman. Right, I mean we like some meat on all our ladies, and with these contestants, it nuff as locals would say!

Michelle Smith the challenge winner!

You know how sometimes people say I looked at so-and-so on TV and I saw myself? To me sometimes it sounds so cheesy, but I found myself being drawn to these women from the first episode. I was just like yes, now that is a real woman! So from then, I vowed to follow the show, but alas episode two just flew right by me and the pics on Facebook just had to suffice. Last Friday I caught episode 3. It started out with a fitness challenge with famed Jamaican athlete Juliette Cuthbert putting the ladies through a mini boot camp. Not really, they just had to do a little jogging and jumping jacks and stretching and ting, but Lawd, you should hear dem bawl. They just looked like they wanted to collapse; of course it did make for my entertaining pleasure. Ayesha Davis probably reflected the sentiments of most of the contestants when she exclaimed “You guys are eeevilll,” but Carleen Taylor was a champion, saying she “is taking it in stride” and she “loves it!” Go girl! Cindy Lyons who is a diabetic got dizzy but she still pulled through. Side note: I thought I had too much meat for a sports bra, but yeah some of them put that in perspective for me. My complaints have now ceased!

In the next challenge the ladies had to apply the moves from 'boot-camp' in a photo-shoot with Giovanni Powell. This was done in pairs, I assume in an effort to not only test their creativity, but to see how well they work with others. Well in the meantime, unbeknown to them, a secret challenge was taking place where four ladies, Soshonna Campbell, Jodie-Ann Thomas, Georgia White and Kemelee Swaybee had to convince Romae to “gi dem a bly’ so to speak. All but Georgia made it-sorry Boo!

Yeah, so you should see attitude when the newbie’s showed up. Hear Marsha Robotham nuh, the new girls are “bigger.” Oh, please. Don’t be such a hater! And Romae thought it would be a “fun” surprise? Well, the fun started for me when they went to Hobby Hut Pet Store in Ligunea for the next challenge, each lady taking pictures with a snake, hamster, or iguana. Oh gosh, to see big woman cry! I mean mascara-running-down face-cheeks-getting-red-nose-wan-run kind of cry, you know. And see Ms. Marsha. Ha!God doh like ugly girl- that’s what you get for calling those girls “big”- fraid of de likkle snake. Stupes.

How did this picture not make honorable mention??? Do over!-Zodian Howell

And then it was time for judging. Kingsley Cooper (Pulse CEO), Romae Gordon(Pulse GM) and Chester Francis Jackson (of Social something or the other- I forget, sorry) started off by giving honourable mention to some of the ladies for their shots. Kenisha Lewis (on TV the face painting just did not look good but her FB pic is nice), Tadesha Snow (iguana yeah! Face paint, nay!) and Simone Clayton (I like her expression) and Ayesha Dawes( she was the only one that smiled!). The pet shop owner picked Yolande Smith for honourable mention and the other Smith: Michelle was the challenge winner and deservedly so. Of course some ladies had to leave and they were: Zodian Howell who to me had the baddest pic. I mean the snake looked like it was going right in her eye and she just fixed her gaze on the camera and did her thing. Naw man, bring her baaaaak! Next was Renice Emmanuel who said she had fun and got to make new friends (I think she meant the other ladies); Soshana Campbell, who now wants a pet iguana; and Kemelee Swaybee, who I liked but the photo just was not that great Her face painting and the hamster were the same colour so it should have been wicked nice but it wasn’t.

One thing I noted, all the drama queens stayed. I know drama makes for good TV, but does it make a good model/employee? I guess I’ll just have to tune in tonight to see.

Look out for Ayesha Dawes on tonight's show!

Good luck to all the ladies who remain: Ayesha Dawes, Carlene Taylor, Cindy Lyons, Kayedine Kirlew, Alicia Lewis, Marsha Simone, Michelle Smith, Nadine Nomdarkham, Simone Clayton, Tadesha Snow, Yolande Smith, Jodie-Ann Thomas and Andrene Smith.

See Pics from Episode 3 HERE

The Pulse Full Figure Reality Series airs every Friday at 9PM on CVM TV Jamaica.


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