Tuesday, January 5, 2010

blog change / New York I Love You

blog change / New York I Love You
I know I've been M.I.A. but letely I've been so turned off by the tablois and shameless stories so. I will continue to post celebrity news but it will prob be in interview form or something we really want to read. Also, I will have plenty of Twilight series coverage, trailers and photo's of the best and hottest stars. Thank you for continual support and you will like what you see promise. *Remeber I love the comments, please keep them relevant to the stories but discuss away!

First up is a movie that's sure to get a lot of attention and hey, it just looks great!!
New York I Love you features everyone from the Sexy Hayden Christinsen to Sopranos sexy Drea De matteo. It's about the lives of young people in the always beating Red Apple. I don't think you will have to be from New York to appreciate it though. It's a limited release but is it a film you think you could enjoy?

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