Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Feet

Happy Feet
Happy feet is a musical animation film about penguins who sing a lot but there is one who can't sing but he does something totally different and tap dances his name is Mumble and when the penguins are old enough they go out looking for food to bring back home with them.

Mumble goes missing and he bumps into different penguins with there voices i think there Spanish or something anyway Mumble gets told that aliens are stealing all there food so Mumble goes back home and tells all the elder penguins what's happening to all of there food but no one believes him and they banish him from home and they say that he can't return until he stops all the lying and dancing so he sets of with his new friends in search of the aliens.

He sees a big boat and swims out to stop them but he gets caught in the net and gets taken to an aquarium i think it was and he starts doing his tap dancing and everyone gathers round to see him then they realise that he is trying to tell them something so they put a tracking device on him and let him go so that they can follow him so when he gets home he tells everyone what had happened with the aliens and they just want to help them.

The elders don't believe him and tells him there's no such things as aliens then they hear something beeping and realise that it is the tracking device on Mumbles back and realise that he is telling the truth so he shows everyone how to tap dance and a helicopter turns up and they realise that they are stealing all there food so everyone decides that fishing in that part of the world is banned now and no one can fish there anymore. This is a really great family film.

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