Tuesday, February 2, 2010

walmart clown commercial

walmart clown commercial

A lot of people are now searching for the Walmart Clown Commercial video. everyone wants to watch this Walmart Clown Commercial Video. It was really a funny commercial.

The worst thing about missing commercials is that it’s hard to catch them on TV – however with YouTube anything is possible.

The commercial starts out with a dad getting dressed up like a clown. He’s excited because he is going to make his kids laugh. He then makes his way down stairs to where his kids are having a birthday party.

However, he accidentally stepped on what appears to be a cast iron unicorn, which impales his foot. He then had a deafening scream which terrifies the kids and sends them running away from the “psychoclown”.

The commercial points out a truth that many Americans know – sometimes to save the most money, we have to go to Walmart.This Walmart Clown Commercial is really funny! If you are curious what’s this Walmart Clown Commercial is all about, you can watch it here:

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