Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sienna Miller Makes Bank Off Pap Pics

Sienna Miller Makes Bank Off Pap Pics

Way to go Sienna Miller! She found a way to make a pretty penny off of photographers taking pictures of her. She became extremely pissed off after the Daily Mail published photos of her entering an elevator right after news broke of her philandering with Bathazar Getty. A judge awarded her with $27,000 and forced the rag to apologize to her. They said:

"We accept, as we said in the article, that Ms. Miller was extremely harassed and distressed by persistent pursuit and intimidating tactics adopted by numerous paparazzi in seeking to obtain photographs of her, including the very photograph that we published.

"We apologize to Sienna for publishing this photograph."

Imagine the nerve?! You go topless yachting with another woman's husband, get asked a couple questions, get your pic taken because you're FAMOUS, and then ask for an apology! Girl needs a wake up call.


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