Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jakob Karr dance of the week

Jakob Karr dance of the week

The statement I'm about to make is sick, but also incredibly true.

As I watched Jakob Karr dance a Viennese waltz with Mollee Gray on last night's So You Think You Can Dance, I flashed forward to my wedding day when my (still to be determined) husband and I may just perform something similar as our first dance.

Jakob is so damn fluid, it makes me want to jump into the TV screen and dance with him. When I watch him I get the same feeling of yearning I get when I see hot young dads walking down the street with adorable children. I just know I'm supposed to be part of it, y'know?

So I'm not saying I have to marry Jakob Karr specifically. But I mean, he does already know the routine, which would make things awfully convenient. I'm likely as easy to lift as Mollee too.

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